The OAN Story

Wearing Good underwear is Rewarding!

The story of OAN bamboo started with the underwear! IOne of the best underwear you will ever experience. Yor body will thank you.

Finding the right undies is a very personal thing. Once you find a style that works well for you - it's rewarding. Over time you'll see the difference wearing good quality underwear makes to your self-confidence too.

It's the first layer of clothing you put on every day. Wearing good quality undies can have a massive impact on your life. You'll enjoy looking and feeling better with every outfit choice!


In this uncertain world of pandemic, breathing has become the most striving
thing, we all are in search of artificial oxygen. Let us start from our clothing.

OAN aims for a bigger change with baby steps. We aim at doing Bamboo Combined with the strong fibres, this makes our bamboo an
exceptionally suitable building material.

One of Mother Nature's most brilliant inventions! Isn’t it ?